Our Approach

Deeply rooted in natural textiles, with a vision to foster community and education through classes, supporting local creators and craft circles!

My Story

I’m passionate about colour. It has the ability to affect my mood and make me happy, so I love bright and colourful yarn. Funny enough my grandmother’s maiden name was Dyer so there obviously were dyers back somewhere in my family. Although I can’t paint, I could spend all day dyeing yarn. I love to let the colours go where they will and some of my best results are often ones I’m not thrilled with when they start out, so yay for happy accidents. Finally, I’m fascinated with weaving. I remember watching my great aunt weave on her huge floor loom and now I have one of my own. I love plain tabby weaving which lets the colours create magical amazing one of a kind pieces. I think we all deserve something as unique as we are.

Meet the Team

Sandra Hertel


An avid weaver, dyer and not to bad knitter.

Meet our Instructors

Bonnie Groening

Brioche Knitting

Kait Esplen

Needle Felting

Janis Roberts

Janis has been a spinner for over 40 years. In that time she has spun with spindles, spinning wheels and electronic spinners. Her favourite by far is the top whorl drop spindle. She feels it is a brilliant little piece of equipment and all you need to produce everything from bulky art yarns to fine and cozy sock yarns or everything that comes in between.