Learn to knit with beads while making this gorgeous cowl. One 2 hr class and one 1 hr class (total 3 hours over two days)$45

Skills needed: participants should be condent with basic knits and purls and have tried K2togs and yarnovers. Everything else will be covered in class.

  • Techniques included in this class:
  • using the crochet hook technique to add beads to your knitting (as you go method).
  • We will discuss what beads are best for knitting and the tools you need.
  • We will also tell you what to avoid!
  • Making an extra stitch (= M1L)
  • Basic lace stitches (CDD and double YO)
  • In addition, we will cover the following optional techniques which can add a professional look to your finished cowl. However, they aren’t necessary to achieve a successful project and simpler alternatives will be discussed if you feel they are too challenging.
  • Provisional cast on and grafted closure
  • I-cord edges
  • Knitting on the bias

Materials not included – Kits will be available for purchase

Saturday 11 January at 1 pm (first session – 2 hours) and Saturday 25 January at 1pm (second session – 1 hour) 2020.

Pre-registration required.